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Sunday, August 4, 2013

3 Color Brioche Rib

3 Color Brioche Rib


Multiple of  2 + 1 stitches and 6 rows
photo shows Sport weight, size US 5
4x4 inch swatch = 11 stitches, 52 rows

This stitch pattern has a lot of horizontal stretch, but because it is a brioche stitch, the stitch is compacted vertically. 

The use of 3 alternating colors, helps add visual interest, but this pattern can be done with one yarn, as well as a mixture of many yarns.

For making a long scarf, cast on at least 211 stitches, or any larger uneven number and leave ends free (as fringe). In this way, you can use this pattern as a stash buster. 

This chart can be used to see how 3 different yarns [CA (color A), CB, and CC], used alternately, only repeat every 7 rows. 

The pattern is started on the wrong side (ws). This is just for use of the chart, as the pattern is reversible.

Cast on using the Italian 2 color CO method

Set up Row 1 (ws): Using CB (k1, sl1yo) to last stitch, k1, UNDO - the slip knot, that was used to hold the yarns together (so you don't accidentally use it as a stitch).

Row 2 (rs): Using CC, sl1yo (brk, sl1yo) to end
Row 3 (ws): Using CA, (brk, sl1yo) to last stitch, brk
Row 4 (rs): Using CB, repeat Row 2
Row 5 (ws): Using CC, repeat Row 3
Row 6 (rs): Using CA, repeat Row 2
Row 7 (ws): Using CB, repeat Row 3

Repeat Rows 2 thru 7, until desired length
Final Row (rs): Using CB, Repeat Row 4 to end

Bind off (ws): Using CC, and the Kitchener Stitch, bind off the brks as knits, and the single stitches as purls. 

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