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Monday, July 15, 2013

Bow Knot Stitch

Bow Knot Stitch

(but it looks like a dragonfly, to me)
Non - Reversible

Multiples of 18 + 9
(but for working in the round, multiples of 18 work)

photo shows Worsted weight, size 8 needle
swatch is 6 x 6 inches, 27 stitches, 20 rows

This is a relatively easy stitch, and reminds me of dragonflies. The pattern can easily be changed by shortening the purl rows, to give a butterfly effect.

This pattern can be stopped, only after Row 10 or Row 20. Anything else would disrupt the stitch pattern and overall appearance.

Stitch Pattern Instructions

Cast on multiples of 18 + 9 stitches, or multiples of 18 (if sides don't have to look the same)

Row 1 (rs): (k9, p9) _x, k9
Row 2 (ws): p9 (k9, p9) _x, to end
Row 3 (rs): knit
Row 4 (ws): purl
Row 5 (rs): knit
Row 6 (ws): purl
Row 7 (rs): (k9, p9) _x, k9
Row 8 (ws): p9 (k9, p9) _x, to end
Row 9 (rs): k9 (k4, Dus9r, k4) _x, k9
Row 10 (ws): purl
Row 11 (rs): (p9, k9) _x, p9
Row 12 (ws): k9 (p9, k9) _x, to end
Row 13 (rs): knit
Row 14 (ws): purl
Row 15 (rs): knit
Row 16 (ws): purl
Row 17 (rs): (p9, k9) _x, p9
Row 18 (ws): k9 (p9, k9) _x, to end
Row 19 (rs): (k4, Dus9r, k13) _x, k4, Dus9r, k4
Row 20 (ws): purl
Repeat rows1 thru 20

Further explanation of  
Insert right needle tip in the purl loop, nine rows below the next stitch, and place it on the left needle. Knit the next stitch and the loop together, making one stitch and creating a bow like effect.

This bow concept can be altered by changing stitches and rows used, and done in a lace weight yarn, this stitch will appear quite different.

If knitting in the round, omit the extra 9 stitches and follow the boardered chart pattern only.

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