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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Basket Stitch

Basket Stitch

One sided - Multiple of 4 + 3
(photo shows swatch in worsted weight, size 8 needles
6 x 6 inches, 27 stitches, 44 rows)

In worsted weight, this stitch has little to no drape, and is medium heavy in density, yet has a lot of stretch. It can be knit in one color, as well, and is a relatively easy stitch pattern for advanced beginner or intermediate knitter.

Cast on multiples of 4 + 3 stitches (chart is color coded. To knit in one yarn, just forget the color change)

Row 1 (ws): With (color) A - purl

Row 2 (rs): With (color) B - k3 (s1 wyib, k3) to end
Row 3 (ws): B - k3 (s1 wyif, k3) to end
Row 4 (rs): B - k3 (s1 wyib, k3) to end - same as row 2
Row 5 (ws): B - k3 (s1 wyif, k3) to end - same as row 3
Row 6 (rs): A - knit
Row 7 (ws): A - purl
Repeat rows 2 thru 7 for desired number of times

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